Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What happens when we don't keep to our eating habits...

Okay... yesterday was a COLOSSAL disaster. This weekend I reconciled all the banking and found that with all we've been going through since October, it resulted in spending an extra $1200 on eating out between January and April. :O

Plus, we slacked off badly this weekend. As a result, Matthew was in a class (play skits and fun stuff) yesterday that he LOVES and I not only had to chase him down to get him, but then had to carry him--kicking and screaming at the top of his lungs about how stupid I was and that I was the stupidest parent ever, take him back, etc.--out of the museum his class was in with all kinds of people coming to see what the problem was. Thankfully, another parent carried the baby (who was in a carseat carrier). Ds had to be removed because when he started kicking filing cabinets, it was enough already. I had already brought him into the hall to talk to him when he was misbehaving once before. The class is a total of 45 minutes. We were out by the 20-minute mark.

Anyway, we got outside and I put him down to get the keys and he was OFF and running back into the museum while the other parent stood there holding the baby. I had no idea what to do. Thankfully, she said "Go..." and Matthew DID come back towards the parking lot (because he couldn't open the museum door).

I finally get him in the car only to have him kick EVERYTHING--including the baby's carseat carrier--and scream at me for another 25 minutes (it's a 35 minute drive).

He had a piece of a chocolate chip cookie from Quizno's yesterday (approximately 1-1/2" square--Mike and I were grabbing a sandwich for ourselves to split on the road) plus 1/4 of an Old Fashioned donut (no icing, no filling--nothing) from Dunkin Donuts on Sat. and another 1/4 on Sunday when Mike and I needed coffee.

WHAT. were. we thinking??

He's also had nightmares the past 3 nights.

And dummy me tried to explain to him that we'd go back to the museum next week... that I knew he was sorry... blah, blah, blah. I mean, really--what CAN you do? When I tried ignoring him, he'd tell me "I'M TALKING TO YOU!!!" and really, we DRILL into him "do unto others" so I can't just ignore him.

Ugh... so like the pain of seeing that money (that we DESPERATELY need) go right down the toilet combined with this--well, it's enough to go on lock-down with our food.


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