Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursday, May 14, 2009

early breakfast: cereal bar

breakfast: eggs with Taylor ham

snack: none--we were in class. He did have a Apple & Eve fruit punch juice box on the way home

lunch: leftover chicken breast cooked with fried peppers and onions served with canned organic peas

snack: banana (organic)

snack: Matthew and I split an 8oz. container of organic strawberries

dinner: some kind of steak Mike picked up that was way more money than we normally pay for meat--but it WAS delish. Side of organic broccoli (steamed). Mike and I had a glass of red wine and Matthew had water. Mariella has 2.5 oz. of organic sweet potatoes and tried to pull my hand to her mouth! I guess she IS ready for solids! LOL! She was 6mo on 5/7. :)

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