Sunday, August 23, 2009

Saturday, August 22, 2009

early breakfast: cereal bar

breakfast: We went out to the local bagel shop that reopened. They made Matthew scrambled eggs on a dry grill with no milk added... SCORE! He also was able to have orange juice. Mike and I were really bad. I have no idea what was on his sandwich (it was called the "What Are You Kidding Me, Or What?" and he recalls that it had eggs, cheese, bacon, sausage and possibly pork roll on a Sun-dried tomato. After recounting this for me, he says "I suddenly feel disgusting for eating that". I just had bacon, egg and cheese on a garlic bagel.

snack: think we skipped!

lunch: sushi (it was just me and Matthew). Matthew eats California Rolls because there's no raw fish in it. I don't know when we'll be adventurous enough for that. Our local grocery store makes excellent, fresh sushi at a reasonable price.

snack: we were out and about, so Matthew had an organic apple, two Fruitabu fruit rolls (grape--they're organic and don't have any corn syrup sweeteners, but do have soy lecithin--which is supposed to be okay for soy intolerant). I think he had something else but for my life I don't remember.

dinner: Wendy's because they'll serve his hamburger without the bun (which is not just a gluten thing: most breads have corn syrup in them and some have soy and food dyes). So he had a hamburger with tomato and pickle (the ketchup has corn syrup so it's off-limits) and mandarin oranges with a bottle of water.

dessert: I'm thinking we had to have eaten something but so help me I can't remember... Oh--cereal bar!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday, August 10, 2009

supplements: On Friday, Mike and I started taking 1 tsp. of Maca Root powder each morning. I also started taking a B-Complex vitamin (which contains 100mg of B6) plus another 50mg of B6 midday. And I started Mike on 2200IU of D3/day. Trying to balance my endocrine system and get some PMS/PMDD issues under control. I'll be starting some calcium/magnesium next Friday and then I will also add the D3. Vitamin D deficiency is actually widespread and responsible for a multitude of issues. I've been looking into it for about a month. So that's the new regimen. As it is, we take Vitamin C and fish oil, plus I take an insulin-regulating supplement that replaced Metformin and has been working better. Although now I need to have my insulin levels run again because regulating the insulin was the "cure" for my PMS/PMDD and now it's back. But that's the scoop.

Matthew takes 1 tsp. of Nordic Naturals Omega 3-6-9 Complete daily (not the kid version) and 500mg Vitamin C (we'll be doubling it come Sept.); then intermittently takes a probiotic and multivitamin. Starting in September, he'll take 1 tsp Sambucol/day to ward off flu (Black Elderberry Original Immune Support Formula by Sambucol You can Google for the research about this--it's great). Actually, this year we'll all be taking it.

breakfast: eggs with Wellshire Farms chicken-apple GF sausage (we cut it up into chunks and mix it in with the eggs)

snack: rice crackers

lunch: tuna in potato pods

snack: So Delicious coconut milk-based yogurt, and a College Farm Organic Naturepops (lollipops)

dinner: hamburgers on Nature's Promise organic hamburger buns (so, it has gluten, but no corn or soy), with organic corn on the cob (still testing the corn thing) and salad with a tomato from Nonni's garden and lettuce from our organic CSA.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

breakfast: scrambled eggs with canned organic peas

snack: organic blueberries (we have a ton of them as they're in season)

lunch: PB&J on GF bread followed by half a container of coconut milk-based yogurt (chocolate flavored)

snack: watermelon... loooots of watermelon (we were at a friend's house) and then freeze dried strawberries (seriously--like an entire bag from Trader Joe's)

dinner: London broil on the grill that had been frozen vacuum sealed with olive oil, garlic and I think Worcestershire sauce (although I'm not sure if Mike used the right one--without corn syrup in it. Lea & Perrins has corn syrup) with organic collards cooked in EVOO, garlic and pine nuts

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

early breakfast: organic blueberries

breakfast: scrambled eggs with organic canned diced tomatoes that had basil, oregano and garlic in them.

snack: organic pineapple

lunch: rice pasta with sauce

snack: organic plum, and then organic peeled carrots

dinner: chinese food (steamed--Matthew gets chicken and broccoli; Mike and I cheat and get shrimp chow fun)

dessert: ice pops

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday, August 1, 2009

early breakfast... Matthew ate a banana and a cereal bar

breakfast @ Perkin's: Matthew had 2 eggs (we tell them not to add milk and scramble them on a dry grill) plus burnt bacon and OJ (this location's OJ is safe). We bring our own ketchup.

snack: organic canned green beans

lunch (on the road): Burger King burger with pickle and tomato (no ketchup and he doesn't eat the bun) plus apple fries and the box apple juice (which is safe)

snack: organic pear

dinner: leftover meatloaf, Alexia baked potato wedges (OO & sea salt), and... (thinking)... could we have POSSIBLY had GREEN beans? I guess we must've. :O

dessert: Sweet Nothings Fudge bars (wonderfully allergen-free)