Friday, March 30, 2012

Current health goal #1: cure my pre-diabetic condition

It seems that mommy has spent too much time helping everyone else and not herself.


That's over.

This year, I'm determined to get off of my insulin-regulating supplements that have been working to replace metformin/Glucophage for the last 7 years. In fact, they're doing a better job than metformin ever did although I'm sure that the changes in my diet have helped that along. None-the-less, I want off. All this stuff is doing is lowering my sugar level. My body is still overproducing insulin--and that means that my body WILL eventually burn out and I will be diabetic. I'm also sick of being beholden to remembering to take pills every day. I'm finding that when I forget, it's a nightmare quicker and quicker. Where it used to take 2-3 weeks to really feel the effects of the excess insulin, it's now only taking a few days. The lethargy, the weepiness... it happens fast now. I find this ironic because the way I eat is so much better now than it was.

Back in February, registered for a blood sugar balancing retreat at Kripalu in late April with Dr. Mark Hyman. What I didn't know was that Dr. Hyman had a new book being published in late March called "The Blood Sugar Solution". So, I got the book when it was released and thankfully, the dietary changes really weren't drastic for us.

I decided to draw a line in the sand and start it on Monday. I had some trouble cutting out caffeine of all things--which is ironic because I generally don't drink it. But I've missed an entire month of chiropractic care and the result is that my headaches/migraines have returned with the stormy weather (mine are a reaction to barometric pressure). Caffeine is the only cure (usually paired with pain reliever if I don't catch it early enough). So the last two weeks have seen me with more caffeine than usual.

I think I stopped taking my insulin-regulating supplements Sunday. I'm not sure how wise that was. The book didn't say to do that. BUT, I will say that it's been a week and although I was really tired a day or two ago (physically--in a way I don't really recall and without any real provocation) and I've been agitated (which could very well be buildup, as I had been having a hard time already)... I'm doing okay. AND, I lost 2 pounds rather than gain (which would be the norm when my insulin is spiking).

Today I ordered all the bloodwork related to the Blood Sugar Solution--both the basic and the advanced panel (since I know I have an existing condition in the diabetes spectrum). Most of it is stuff that would've been run at our annual physical last June, but we missed that. So I'm running it now. Thank GOD I now live in IL because back in NJ, you can't just order tests yourself! Geesh! Since we pay out of pocket until our medical bills hit $7,500, I'd be paying for them either way. They have to get done, though.

Of course, I'd love to go take those tests tomorrow but my husband is running his first race at 8:30am. So looks like I have to wait until Monday. :( Probably less crowded on a Monday morning anyway, right?