Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Breakfast 1: Matthew had watermelon and banana

Breakfast 2: Matthew had a Nature's Choice cereal bar

Lunch: Matthew's was eggs and hard salami from the deli on a bagel stick. Our last hurrah before the New Year and lockdown on food AND finances for that matter. Mike and I ate nothing worthy of note because it was crap.

Snack: another banana because I didn't know Mike gave him one this morning.

Dinner: from Outback Steakhouse (the mother of allergenic eating out): Joey Sirloin made with no seasonings or butter and broccoli with no butter. Mike and I had Prime Rib (we split one) with broccoli (no butter), mashed potatoes (likely had milk in them) and coconut shrimp (who knows that THAT had in it)

We always drink water.

OH! Matthew took HIMSELF to the toilet to poop today! Usually, this is something that only results with force or much arguing.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday, Dec. 28, 2008

Breakfast: eggs fried in EVOO. Our guests also had bagels and cream cheese. Tropicana OJ and the adults had Archer Farms (Target's brand) of Coconut Macaroon coffee with raw sugar.

(Post will be updated through the day as part of my attempt at keeping it up)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Day, December 25, 2008

We have friends in from out of state. A mom and her 4 & 2yos. Between the holidays and the new baby--it's been really hard to keep up with this blog, but my New Year's Resolution is to go on lock-down with food, get on Feingold by Feb. 15th, and keep the blog daily. ;)

Breakfast: gluten-free pancakes made with Arrowhead Mills Gluten-Free (GF) flour, eggs, honey and I think olive oil (Capitriti Extra Virgin expeller pressed--relatively cheap). If it has anything else in it--likely some kind of milk replacements (hazelnut, rice or coconut milk). With Tropicana OJ (no pulp, added calcium & vitamin D) and pure maple syrup (Maple Grove farms--one of the few that has no corn syrup and available in our regular supermarket).

Snack was Earthbound Organic baby carrots and Capri Sun 100% juice "bags".

Dinner: It was at our house. 12 adults and 3 kids. MIL made a turkey coated with some olive oil and seasonings; and lasagna (which really was for the people who don't live in our house). HER mother made "drunken cauliflower" which is olive oil and garlic--browned a bit and then pieces of cauliflower browned in that, then some vinegar and water added to cook it. Delish. I made mashed sweet potatoes with pumpkin pie spice (they were mashed with a little bit of water, but we could've used some coconut milk). I also made fresh green beans with EVOO and white vinegar and some broiled filet mignon steaks with Montreal seasoning. I'm trying to think of what else. A lot of the appetizers were off-limits to residents of the house. Same for desserts--although I had some meringues for Matthew (Miss Meringue triple chocolate and mini vanillas).

It was a good day!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Morning: cereal bar with water, followed by Taylor ham and eggs

Snack: so help me God, I don't recall. Oh wait--potato chips and Apple & Eve White Grape Raspberry juice box (we were on the run to the Dr.)

Lunch: Nature's Promise Honey Oat bread (gluten=yes, corn syrup & soy=no) with homemade grape jelly (mommy ate Bonne Maman strawberry) and Skippy Natural peanut butter.

Snack: fresh organic pear slices

Dinner: Matthew is having Tinkyada rice pasta (fusilli) with nothing on it. He no longer even likes oil and garlic salt. Mike and I are having fried pork chops and fresh, steamed organic broccoli that Matthew will be forced to eat as well.

Dessert is likely to be smoothies made with organic bananas, coconut milk and some of the organic pineapple that needs to get used. We didn't have them last night. We'll see how late it is.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday, December 8, 2008

Okay... we're making our way back to eating properly. And we are definitely starting Feingold after Jan. 1st. In fact, a friend is also doing it so I have some level of support. But today...

Matthew woke at around 4am because I let him sleep from 5pm. :( He had his daily cereal bar and water. Around 6am I gave him something else but for my life I can't remember what. At 8am he had eggs (bought--not from the ladies, who have stopped laying for winter) scrambled with Taylor ham (the brand is actually "John Taylor's Pork Roll" and it's the hunk of meat you cut up). Didn't use oil--I cooked the ham in there first thinking it would give off enough oil to do and it didn't. ;) He also had a very ripe organic banana.

I think we must've skipped snack!

He had Wendy's for lunch... burger with no ketchup--just pickle and tomato... plus fries and water. I had the Grilled Chicken combo with water and mandarin oranges (but I eat the half of Matthew's fries that I remove from his container).

Afternoon snack was Lay's Kettle Cooked potato chips (and I had some Cedar's brand garlic-lovers hummus with that) and water. Only the Kettle Cooked version of Lay's is soy/corn free (it's made with sunflower oil).

Dinner: skirt steak with Montreal spices, organic spinach wilted in extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) with garlic and pignolis, and oven-roasted potatoes (coated with EVOO, sea salt, pepper and organic rosemary).