Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ugh... what a day. I need to find a grief counselor and get back on track because Mommy was none-too-pleasant today.

early breakfast: cereal bar and banana

breakfast: eggs w/ketchup (and coffee for mommy)

snack: skipped... much to Daddy's dismay

lunch: hot dogs, green beans (organic canned) and homemade potato strings that wound up being more like string clusters

snack: I have no flaming clue. I was washing out the chicken coop and totally uninvolved. I would guess rice crackers or baby peeled carrots (both quick, easy and readily available)

dinner: Outback Steakhouse. Their apple juice is safe as is their Joey Sirloin with side of broccoli sans butter. LOVE Outback for their allergenic-friendliness. Mommy downed 3 Sydney's Cosmos and 3 large glasses of water with lemon with a small prime rib with broccoli and mashed potatoes (which are not okay--dairy) while Daddy had a beer with... you know, I have no idea what he had. I think some kind of pork tenderloin.

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