Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Okay... I got back from Texas only to endure WICKED food poisoning. BTW--it lasts DAYS and includes fever. Who knew?

early breakfast: cereal bar and organic apple (got a delivery yesterday)

breakfast: Matthew had frozen (homemade) GF pancakes (choc chip) and Mike and I had eggs with zucchini and onion (organic from the delivery)

snack: I think we skipped it

lunch: Mike and Matthew had leftover chicken legs from my MIL (who loves to give us food--especially if we're sick) that were grilled with just some EVOO on them. Side dish of organic blueberries & strawberries for Matthew. I had PB&J on Nature's Promise bread (gluten) with side of strawberries.

snack: organic peeled baby carrots from delivery yesterday. Bonus--I don't recall getting them before

dinner: burritos from Baja Fresh. Matthew's is bean and cheese kid's burrito minus cheese plus chicken. He can't have the chips or the Mott's applesauce (corn syrup) but he loves the rice.

dessert: Rice Dream ice cream with Ah!laska chocolate syrup.

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