Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Matthew's birthday. He was, of course, up at 5:15am. Mommy is learning the wonders of L-Glutamine to remove such wicked sugar cravings that she considered taking a pregnancy test (it was negative, btw ;) ).

Early breakfast: organic grape tomatoes

Breakfast: GF pancakes from the batch make on Jan. 13 with 100% maple syrup. Mom had scrambled eggs in EVOO and both adults had broiled grapefruit (trying to get through the backlog) with dark brown sugar and honey.

Snack: too close to lunch--no snack

Lunch: Nature's Promise hotdogs with DelMonte canned organic cut green beans and more organic grape tomatoes (as requested). Using some Nature's Promise organic ketchup and annoyed that I forgot to buy the Whole Foods brand All Natural ketchup (which is cheaper and while not organic, doesn't have corn syrup).

Snack... ditched due to nap

Dinner: leftover meatloaf, more green beans and leftover home made baked beans (which I think should now be done)

Bedtime snack: the last (I think) Gluten-Free Pantry Chocolate Chip Cookie & Cake Mix

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