Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday, January 29, 2008

Early breakfast... I think Matthew had a cereal bar today

Breakfast... scrambled eggs with 365 brand Natural Ketchup (not organic). I had coffee--just Maxwell House with raw sugar and nothing else.

Snack... organic apples, sliced

Lunch... leftover chicken breasts (cooked in olive oil & garlic) for Matthew and Mike. Matthew also had organic grape tomatoes and non-organic peeled baby carrots. Mike had the leftover veggies from Wed. night's dinner: organic collard greens (washed, cut and thrown in some olive oil that was frying up garlic and pine nuts--cooked until wilted/soft) and organic sweet potatoes. I just had leftover sweet potato. I was busy trying to make soup and clean out kitchen cabinets.

Snack... onion flavored rice crackers and Apple & Eve white grape raspberry juice

Dinner... well, Mike wasn't home and the baby was a nightmare--plus the next day was payday (meaning my cash envelopes get refilled) and I still had $100 left in my grocery envelope (no clue how). So I caved and got Outback curbside takeaway. Matthew got a Joey Sirloin cooked with no spices and no butter and broccoli made with no butter. I love Outback for this--seriously. No drink. Usually Mike and I get one entree and split it. I got the Prime Rib with no spices and no butter plus broccoli with no butter, but I caved and got mashed potatoes instead of a plain sweet potato--and the mashed potatoes have milk in them. I just have too much sweet potato at home. I figured since I was already being bad, I got the Coconut Shrimp (and so help me I have no idea how many forbidden items it has in it between the shrimp itself and the sauce (which--without question--is loaded with corn syrup).

Matthew went to bed without a bedtime snack--which was a shortlived thing that we were trying to remove. Thankfully, appears we have. :)

Later, after Mike came home, we had Good Earth decaf chai tea with honey.

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