Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday, January 30, 2009

Early breakfast for Matthew... cereal bar (I should note that it's been fruit otherwise this week)

Breakfast... Matthew had gluten free pancakes and water. Mike and I had eggs and broiled grapefruit (with just honey on top today).

Snack... organic blueberries for Matthew.

Lunch... leftover Outback for me and Matthew. No clue if/what Mike ate.

Snack... not sure we had one

Dinner... despite Matthew's assertion that he would "loooove vegetable soup because plain soup would be deeeescosting" (disgusting) he did not eat the soup. Not shocking--it's a texture thing. I strained the homemade turkey, bean, veggie soup and he ate the turkey green beans and carrots. Not all of it, of course. Mike and I ate the soup. Matthew finished with an organic apple (cut in wedges).

Bedtime snack (since he was hungry) was 3 organic cherry tomatoes.

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