Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday, January 11, 2009

So much for resolutions...

Early breakfast: Matthew gets a Nature's Choice Triple Berry Multigrain Cereal Bar (and water).

Breakfast: eggs scrambled in EVOO with canned organic peas. Water for the child. Mom and dad are drinking caffeinated coffee.

Snack: Earthbound organic individually wrapped peeled carrots and onion rice crackers (the brand we always get).

Lunch: potato pods (cut in half the long way and scoop out the middle to make a hollow, steam until soft, and fill with tuna fish)

Snacks... Gluten-Free Pantry Chocolate Chip Cookie & Cake mix cookies (made last night--we often make multiple batches and freeze) and onion rice crackers

Dinner: baked chicken breast with organic potatoes & onions plus some jarred roasted peppers and white wine plus some broccoli (Matthew got green beans that my MIL made last night and since they left town for 3 weeks, she brought us uncooked broccoli and cooked green beans). Green beans were boiled or steamed (not sure) and then coated with EVOO and vinegar. A lot of my MIL's recipes involve vinegar and almost all of them involve EVOO. In fact, I'm struggling to think of a time in the last 12 years I've eaten a "bare" vegetable in her house--they are always covered with one, the other, or both. Beverage is water, as usual.

Bedtime snack: Gluten-Free Pantry Chocolate Chip Cookie & Cake mix cookie.

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