Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Crazy, crazy day...

Early breakfast: cereal bar

Breakfast: VERY low on eggs. We all had some scrambled eggs (with salt, pepper and organic rosemary) and Matthew had a

Snacks: organic banana and apple (two snacks--lunch was really late)

Lunch: Wendy's take out. Matthew had a hamburger with pickle and tomato on it (no ketchup). He accidentally wound up with french fries instead of mandarin oranges. >:( We remove half to 2/3 of the fries before giving them to him. I had a grilled chicken sandwich and Mike had a fish sandwich.

I don't think there was a snack--lunch was really late (about 2:30pm)

Dinner: Chinese food. :( Matthew gets steamed chicken and broccoli and Mike and I get stuff that's just horrible for us: shrimp Chow Fun. I have no flaming clue how many no-good things are in there, I just thank God that we can get away with eating them and have options for Matthew.

Bedtime snack: 3 organic cherry tomatoes. Yup... back to that again.

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