Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursday, January 15, 2009

going from memory...

I believe Matthew had pancakes VERY early... with syrup. Mike had the same.

Then Matthew and I had scrambled eggs in EVOO. Mike & I continue to plow through our grapefruit and had broiled grapefruit with brown sugar and honey.

Snack was onion rice crackers. Totally forgetting that brand we always use.

Lunch was Nature's Promise hot dogs, Del Monte organic cut canned green beans and Matthew's plate included some organic grape tomatoes. We had Nature's Promise organic ketchup on the side.

Snack was Lay's Kettle Cooked chips (the only one they have made ONLY with sunflower or safflower oil--whatever, just not a "could be soy or corn" oil). Matthew also had one of his tiny trapeze peppermint marshmallows. I had a container of So Delicious "cultured coconut milk" (aka yogurt--complete with live and active cultures). Strawberry banana flavor. Did I tell you about this? So far, it's incredible!

Dinner... we caved to Baja Fresh. Matthew got a black bean burrito with chicken--which is huge, but he only really eats the inside. I got a veggie burrito and Mike (the consummate dietary cheater in this house since he was never bound to it through breastfeeding) had a Cabo shrimp burrito.

Bedtime snack was 2 vanilla biscotinnes from Sorella bakery.

Mommy later had some of the remaining chips.

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