Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday, January 19, 2009

Early breakfast: cereal bar and organic grape tomatoes

Breakfast: scrambled eggs. Mom and dad also had broiled grapefruit while Matthew had orange slices

Snack: Sorella Bakery biscottines (vanilla) and hot chocolate (made with rice milk and Ah!laska organic chocolate syrup)

Lunch: for my life I can't remember

Snack: ditto

Dinner: Lamb chops fried in EVOO with salt, pepper and rosemary served with Alexia steak fries (Sea Salt & Olive Oil version). Matthew had frozen broccoli and grape tomatoes. Mom & dad had wilted kale (washed, thrown in a pot of hot EVOO with garlic and pignoli/pine nuts and kept moving intermittently until soft).

Dessert: Rice Dream organic strawberry ice cream with Ah!laska non-dairy organic chocolate syrup

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