Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Need to start thinking about tomorrow's food today... it will be Matthew's 5th birthday. More importantly, need to get food for Saturday's birthday party.

Early breakfast: organic grape tomatoes

Breakfast: Matthew and Mike ate pancakes made Bob's Red Mill Wheat Free Biscuit & Baking mix (this has corn starch!) with 100% maple syrup while I had scrambled eggs (I hate pancakes). Mike and I had broiled grapefruit again--with raw sugar and honey on top. Plus coffee, of course.

Snack: ditched because we ate breakfast, went to swimming and then ran home to eat lunch before his Rhythm & Rhyme class.

Lunch: Matthew had leftover steamed chicken and broccoli and I had panettone (insert eyeroll). Mike got home after we left for Matthew's class and he had a Nature's Promise hot dog with my home made baked beans.

Snack: well, we were in Whole Foods and Matthew insisted that he really wanted some marshmallows and since he was being really good about it instead of begging and whining, I let him use some of his OWN money to buy a package. We bought a package of Tiny Trapeze peppermint marshmallows (which DID have cornstarch in them). There was a larger package below them, but they had corn syrup in them (same price--larger package). He paid the man for the marshmallows (his own, separate purchase) and put the change back into his KidsWealth account wallet. He insisted on eating it AT the tables IN the store... and he shared one with Mommy. :)

When we got home, we eat tried a new coconut milk-based yogurt by So Delicious and it was REALLY good. We had tried a rice milk-based one last month and maybe it was just the blueberry flavor of it (the only flavor they had in the rice milk kind) but it was kind of blah. This was really good!!! YAY! We can eat yogurt again!!!

Dinner: meatloaf (including gluten-free breadcrumbs and mushrooms) with ketchup (Nature's Promise organic) and organic broccoli with my home made baked beans.

Matthew's bedtime snack was a GF Pantry chocolate chip cookie (made from the mix).

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