Thursday, April 2, 2009

Delivery day...

Things have been too insane to even explain here. My FIL had a heart attack and emergency surgery for stints in his carotid artery and the following week I had some outpatient surgery (with specialists in the week and half leading up to that) and then a few days later our former foster daughter was removed from her mom again--out of state. That was a week and a half ago. It's been an insane roller coaster ride. We're now waiting to see what happens to our former foster daughter.

But today we got a delivery from the coop. Usually we take a share on our Saturday delivery, but I got a new member really late and gave them ours. Today we got:

6 green apples (Mutsu? or granny smith--I hate them, but the boys like them)
easily a dozen yellow onions of varying size--none huge
an ENORMOUS head of red leaf lettuce
2 large green bell peppers
3 huge green zucchini
3 nice sized (large) yellow squash
a small bunch of asparagus
3 small bok chois
8 large carrots
4 really big clementines
8 russet potatoes (not huge, but not tiny)
a pint of cherry tomatoes
a bunch of bananas (still green)
3 large Bartlett pears

This costs my members $49. I paid closer to $20 (my group isn't full or it would be $6 and if I divided, it would be free).

Of course, this won't last US two weeks--not by a long shot. But it's an enormous help.

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