Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday, April 4, 2009

early breakfast: disaster--peeled baby carrots. Matthew's a nightmare without food in the morning, but clearly carrots don't qualify to fulfill this requirement. He ate them, but he was still a nightmare until he ate something else.

breakfast: at Perkins. So he ate a muffin, scrambled eggs with ketchup from home, crispy bacon and OJ (that's actually safe--but given the other stuff, does it matter?). Mike and I ate similarly horrible stuff. I had a Steakhouse Scrambler without sauce, cheese or gravy (and ketchup from home) with strawberries & bananas on the side. Mike had a spinach, bacon & tomato omelette. Plus coffee for the two of us and I had OJ as well. Oh yeah, we had our own muffins.

no snack--breakfast late

lunch: tuna pods (tuna in steamed potato shells)

snack: I seriously think we skipped this, too.

dinner: sushi (ours is completely safe and we buy it in the grocery store--Stop & Shop). Mike also bought some cooked jumbo shrimp and cocktail sauce that had HFCS in it. I promptly put that back in the bag and made our own with Fructos brand horseradish (found in my grocery and the only one I could actually find without soybean or corn oil) and ketchup. Yum!

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