Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

early breakfast: Matthew had pancakes made with Enjoy Life chocolate chips

breakfast: Mike and I had Nature's Promise instant apple oatmeal. Matthew just had an apple.

snack: Matthew had those veggie flavored rice crackers. I GAVE him 4. He then opened the cabinet himself and took another 15. Honestly, he must've been hungry because his behavior was abominable right before this.

...AAAAAND some regular store-brand green olives with pimento in them. Completely safe, but ...???

Lunch: Mike and Matthew had leftover meatloaf (homemade) and canned organic peas. I had tuna pods with maybe 3 bites of peas. All with water.

Snack: we were out and about and all I had on me were crackers!

Dinner... eeek! No clue! Likely some chicken and we have bok choi in the fridge but I have no flaming clue how to cook it. Seriously. be continued...

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