Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday, April 3, 2009

early breakfast: organic cherry tomatoes (what's left of them from yesterday's delivery because I've been popping them) and some organic, peeled baby carrots

breakfast: eggs with organic zucchini (cook the zucchini in the olive oil first and then add the eggs)

snack: unfortunately we skipped and had early lunch

lunch: Matthew had a hamburger (no bun or anything) with more baby carrots and ketchup. Mike and I had tuna on Nature's Promise Honey & Oat bread with some pickles in it that Mike bought by mistake not realizing pickles could possibly have corn syrup in them (why is there no eyeroll emoticon available on blogger?)

snack: peeled baby carrots (organic)

dinner: rice pasta (Tinkyada) and sauce for me and Mike (Bertoli oil & garlic--which is safe, but Matthew doesn't like sauce)

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