Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday, March 16, 2009

early breakfast: organic apple slices

breakfast: scrambled eggs with sopressata in them plus water

snack: orange

lunch: Nature's Promise hotdogs (no bun) with a sliced organic plum tomato (from Saturday's delivery)

snack: will be apple slices again (ugh... gotta watch him for constipation) and the remaining segments of orange from this morning with a fruit punch juice box (Apple & Eve I think). He'll be at drop-off daycare while Mike takes me to some health tests.

CORRECTION: What Matthew ACTUALLY had was "orange flavored juice and pretzel sticks". Can I tell you how livid I am? You know, if *I* decide something is okay and I'm willing to take the chance on the behavioral backlash--that's MY decision. I know what I have on my plate, what's okay and what we can handle. For someone else to do it by accident when my son is in their care is another story.

On the drive home, he had his apple slices (untouched from the daycare place) and a bottle of water. They had no idea what was in the "orange-flavored juice" because there were no ingredients listed on the package. How the HELL does this happen?? I REMINDED them when I dropped him off that he eats HIS food--it's never been an issue. Of course, I don't drop him there once/week for an hour anymore, either.

dinner: Mike's already formed the clover-shaped meatloaf. We have some kale or small collards in the fridge and we'll just wash & chop them, then throw them in a pot of EVOO with garlic and pine nuts until they wilt (about 5 minutes). Matthew's not likely to eat the greens. We have about a Matthew-sized portion of frozen organic peas, though. be continued...

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