Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday, March 15, 2009

early breakfast: the tangerine I peeled was rejected (so I ate it) and Matthew had organic apple wedges. Loving my apple corer except that it's so prone to rust.

breakfast: well, Mike got us half of a pie last night to make us feel better and since the only negative it had in it was gluten, I let him have a piece of cherry pie. It didn't have corn syrup, dairy or soy--but it had plenty of other crap in it (no dyes--mostly preservative nonsense). But then Matthew had scrambled eggs with ketchup.

snack: now he ate an orange.

lunch: Matthew had a half of sandwich. It's always half because our homemade (bread machine & mix) bread is really big--so one slice cut in half is good enough for him. Of course, with Skippy Natural peanut butter and mom's homemade Concord grape jelly.

snack: well, for Matthew it was a snack: a hamburger Mike made with organic mushrooms mixed in (they came from the coop delivery yesterday). Mike & mine also had fried peppers (also in the delivery yesterday).

dinner: at Mike's grandmother's... she made rice pasta (born and raised in Italy, btw--came here as an adult... it's good pasta!) with homemade sauce then chicken cooked in EVOO and homemade tomato sauce (kind of stewed) plus green and red peppers fried in EVOO. Nonni rocks. ;)

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