Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

early breakfast: half of a brownie made with Whole Foods brand GF brownie mix

breakfast: Matthew had a scrambled egg with organic ketchup. I had half of a grapefruit with brown sugar and honey. Mike can no longer have that because vitamin C interferes with a medication he takes. So he had the last bag of Stop & Shop store brand instant farina (Maple & Brown Sugar) with organic blueberries. Blech on top of blech IMO. We had caffeinated chai tea (Good Earth) with honey... plus water.

snack: organic apple slices

lunch: Matthew & Mike had leftover meatloaf (homemade). Matthew also had slices of an organic tomato on it's way out. I skipped.

snack: organic grapes (me & Matthew)

dinner: Outback. Matthew will have a Joey Sirloin cooked with no spices or butter (I didn't even know they cooked it in butter until they called--seeing us remove butter from EVERYthing) with fresh veggies (no butter) and water. Mike and I split a prime rib with no spices on it; but we get garlic mashed potatoes--which has some milk in it. Mike also gets cream of onion soup. He is the worst eater among us, by far.

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