Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday, February 27, 2009

early breakfast: organic blueberries

breakfast: scrambled eggs with organic ketchup. I also had half a broiled grapefruit with raw sugar and regular honey.

snack: organic apple--sliced

lunch: Matthew had GF bread with homemade Concord grape jelly. Grapes were not certified organic, but our coop buys a lot of stuff from a certified farm and got these from that farm's neighbor--who said they were pesticide-free. I didn't get a sting in my throat, so I believe that. They're native to the area, so they shouldn't have needed much anyway. Mike and I had pasta with Bertolli jarred sauce (Olive Oil & Garlic--one of their few safe flavors). This was not the organic sauce and one of their few that is completely safe.

snack: organic apple--sliced... again. Note to self: this is going to be a constipation problem for Matthew. >:( He also had a Coco Loco bar from Enjoy Life.

dinner thoughts: thinking chinese food... which would be steamed chicken and broccoli for Matthew and who knows what for me and Mike. Alternative is sushi from the grocery store (ours has awesome, fresh sushi). But today is payday--which means food shopping that didn't get done today because of waiting for DYFS to show (rescheduling) which grounded us most of the day after accounting for therapy. So I'm thinking to kick off Mike's week off, we eat out tonight and get down to business tomorrow with food shopping and house fixing. ;) We shall see what ACTUALLY happens. be continued.

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