Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday, February 20, 2009

early breakfast: organic blueberries and then an organic apple in slices (love my apple slicer)

breakfast: eggs. Matthew had his plain scrambled eggs on one slice of GF bread (so it made half a sandwich) with Nature's Promise organic ketchup. Mike and I just ate ours without the fanfare, plus we had more broiled grapefruit with brown sugar and honey... plus some green tea with honey. Of course, we also all had water.

snack: I think we skipped morning snack.

lunch: Matthew is currently eating leftover chinese food: steamed chicken and broccoli. I have no flaming clue what Mike and I are going to eat.

snack: organic apple slices (by request); then more organic cherry tomatoes; then some of the raw string beans I was making for dinner.

dinner: organic string beans (fresh) and leftover pork loin that had been cooked with onions, appples and potatoes.

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