Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I'm actually recalling this almost 10 days later and I'm going from memory here because it seems like a day that most of you will face and wonder how we deal with it. It was a day outing at Liberty Science Center.

early breakfast and breakfast were at home--normal.

I packed the diaper bag with Matthew-safe juice boxes and his Edward & Sons crackers.

On the way, we ate lunch at Burger King--a HUGE treat for Matthew. He gets the kids meal hamburger with pickles and tomato (no ketchup, and we pay extra for the tomato). It's flame broiled instead of fried--thus no oil. And now they offer apple fries. So he has apple juice and apple fries. But this day, he wanted potato fries and Mike got them for him. Of course, we empty 2/3 of the bag before giving them to him. Hey--it's a day out.

We get to LSC and do some of the exhibits. The cafe there is horrible for eating around food allergies and barely even offered up fruit. I was able to score one of two remaining bananas and a bottle of water that I shared with Matthew and Mike.

On the way home, we ate at Chili's in pre-celebration of my birthday. THANKFULLY, they had grilled chicken for kids on the menu. Nothing on it. And the veggie was either green beans or broccoli with shreds of carrot. Wonderful. He got some water in a kids cup and all was good with the world. I honestly have no clue what I ate. I know that whatever Mike ate made me think he'd be sorry. I had an alcoholic beverage and he had a beer; but then we had water. I had a decaf coffee before leaving. No clue why.

Matthew fell asleep on the way home. Of course, he woke twice (briefly) during the night; but then we had lapsed on being consistent with his daily fish oil, too. :(

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