Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sorry--after the last entry, we got a call for an adoptive placement of a 1-week old baby girl. She was in our house 5 days later and it's been a little chaotic ever since. Needless to say, our diet has been even worse. We'd already been on a downward spiral. In fact, we took Matthew to the movies twice and tested out popcorn on him. He only got about 10-12 pieces, but he seemed alright. Starting to wonder if there's a threshold he can tolerate, if it's just corn SYRUP that's the issue, or if the issue has resolved.

Today, Matthew had a banana as his first breakfast and then we all had scrambled eggs with Taylor ham. I have no clue if the Taylor ham is safe and as I type this, I'm AGAIN reminded that Matthew's recent behavioral issues are likely tied to this lack of discipline with his diet--which we know damn well is related to food. Mike & I had decaf coffee.

Mike comes home with Dunkin Donuts and Matthew gets an Old Fashioned. Mike makes a chocolate coating with Skippy Natural peanut butter and either Nesquik syrup (which should've been thrown out because it has red dye in it) or these dark chocolate mini coins I bought from Whole Foods.

We had lunch... Nature's Promise Honey & Oat bread with Skippy Natural peanut butter and my homemade grape jelly. I had McCutcheon's strawberry jelly. We all drink water.

Somewhere along the way, Matthew grabbed an Apple & Eve fruit punch juice box.

We ate pink lady apples for snack.

And we had Tinkyada spiral pasta for dinner with some Nature's Promise frozen organic broccoli. Matthew takes his pasta with absolutely nothing on it. He won't even allow olive oil anymore. Mike and I take ours with a new sauce--Nature's Promise, but it was too spicy for me.

Matthew went to bed with a Whole Foods vanilla meringue; and of course I was starving so Mike got us shrimp chow fun and a shrimp egg roll.

Everything is out of control with the new baby. And it was already not going well and in need of lock-down. :(

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