Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday, November 14, 2008

6:45am... Matthew gets a cereal bar.

9:45am... we eat eggs scrambled with Wellshire Farms chicken apple sausage (and water).

I tear apart our living room which is a haven of dog hair and dust... so I forget to feed him again until 12:15 when I drag him to the local deli (thinking, "OMG, am I going to do this?") to have genoa/hard salami on a bagel stick with Tropicana OJ. I have my usual.

We go run around for a bit--looking for a new carpet for his room and getting the oil changed. He has his Edward & Son's veggie flavored crackers and some 365 organic fruit punch (juice box) before falling dead asleep.

We miss speech therapy.

My cousin and his son come over for dinner. The little guys have hot dogs (Nature's Promise) and french fries (frozen Alexia) while the adults order chinese food because I screwed up my cooking schedule with the corned beef.

The little ones also proceed to eat Whole Foods brand vanilla & chocolate meringues, and peeled organic baby carrots. Matthew opts out of the natural black cherry soda (I think it's made by Whole Foods).

Of course, I'm realizing the he didn't take any of his supplements today.

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