Monday, November 10, 2008

Oh! Forgot!

I seriously forgot that I started this blog. What a moron. Today:

6am: Matthew wakes and must be fed immediately. I give him leftover meatballs (MIL makes this Matthew-safe) and broccoli. Breakfast is a time to eat. We eat whatever we have. Often Matthew gets grapes or grape tomatoes or blueberries or a cereal bar--but I haven't gone food shopping yet.

9am: Matthew and I leave Mike sleeping and sick and head out to the local bagel place. Matthew has 2 eggs scrambled (without milk in them) and some hard, Genoa salami chopped up in it. They've offered to cook it on a dry grill since they use corn/soybean veggie oil. He drinks Tropicana OJ. I have an egg, potato and steak wrap with organic ketchup plus a bottle of water and some coffee with sugar only. They carry the organic ketchup just for us. I bought the first bottle and they wound up with a subsequent bottle accidentally. The only downer is the white sugar for the coffee. I keep meaning to put a box of raw sugar in his cabinet below the coffee machines. This is part of why I love my town! ;)

noon: Matthew eats the rest of the meatballs and broccoli; and Mike eats homemade chili with rice. I skip.

4:30pm: I've been out and Mike forgot to snack down Matthew. He now pours some potato chips.

6pm: Matthew wants a hamburger (homemade) and fries (some frozen ones I buy at Whole Foods that are made with some oil other than corn or soy, but have apple juice in them... weird) with Whole Foods 365 Natural ketchup. Mike and I have chili and rice (he doesn't mind having it again). We all drink water.

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