Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Breakfast and lunch

So today, we got up and had to go divide food for an organic produce coop. We coordinate two of these groups--but this is another group in a town about 20 minutes away that is new and doesn't have helpers yet. I was feeling so sick that my husband (dh) came with me with the baby (ds--who will be 5yo... notsomuch a baby).

Dh made ds an egg (fried in pure olive oil--check your labels: olive oil is not always just olive oil) to go on the road. Dh and I grabbed a Nature's Choice cherry cereal bar to hold us over and we gave the little guy a Nature's Promise white grape juicebox... and took some Edward & Sons vegetable flavored brown rice snaps (crackers) for ds's snack on the way home.

At lunch, we had tunafish. We go to Whole Foods to buy tuna that is not poached in soybean oil (and really, who'd think to look at the ingredients label of a tuna can that says "packed in water"--but it's cooked, and often it's cooked in soy broth). We use a mayonnaise that is made of canola oil. I think the one we have now is Hain's. And then pickles thrown in. Often we'd put this on gluten-free bread for the little guy and dh and I would cheat--eating regular bread. But dh is trying to go gluten-free, too, to see if we can get him off of ADD meds. So he got creative and seeing that we had lots of potatoes in the house, he melon-balled out the centers, steamed them (whoda thunk it?) and then we put the tuna in the little hollows. The potatoes needed salt IMO but it was a huge hit. "Tuna pods".

Dinner is easy enough: meat, potatoes/rice and a veggie... usually fresh because when they're canned you either have stuff added to them or you have BPA from the can lining. We like frozen, too. But with the produce coop, we usually have fresh stuff. I'll post what we ACTUALLY eat later. I'm going out to eat with my brother--so all bets are off.

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