Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wednesday, Nov. 12, 2008

Breakfast was gluten free bread bought frozen at Whole Foods (Aleia brand) made into French Toast with 100% maple syrup (bought at the grocery store, but really hard to get sometimes!)

We had close to nothing to do today. Snack was peeled organic baby carrots.

Lunch...? Oh, again... the local deli. Now Mike is getting concerned about the money being spent on this and Matthew's behavior is really starting to show the effects. Matthew has tuna on a bagel stick and Tropicana OJ. I have tuna on a roll with lettuce, tomato, oil (that is unquestionably soy even though it says "olive oil"--check yours) and vinegar plus water and coffee (AGAIN with white sugar).

Snack... I believe it was crackers.

Then macaroons (which are now gone so I can't check the brand, but they're safe and Whole Foods sells them).

Dinner was Wellshire uncured hotdogs and canned organic string beans for Matthew. Mike and I had the remains of the chili he made a few days ago. I proced to get VIOLENTLY ill.

Matthew stalls bedtime looking for more food and we give him more carrots.

Of course, Mike and I eat some Arica chocolate chunk gluten-free (and all other stuff-free) cookies after his defrosting a banana proves to be disastrous.

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