Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Breakfast... Mike makes Matthew what HE calls "egg in a hat" and I call "egg in a house". It's a slice of bread (the frozen GF Aleia brand) with a hole in the center (compliments of a cup used as a cookie-cutter) and then fried with an egg in the hole. I'm sure this involved ketchup (Whole Foods 365 Natural).

Since Matthew eats early, he rushed through a second breakfast (as usual) of scrambled eggs made with canned organic peas (fried in actual olive oil).

Snack en route to his class: peeled baby carrots.

Class teacher reports that Matthew is having trouble using an "inside voice". Considerably difficult for him today.

Lunch at Panera where he has a Kid's Deli sandwich with turkey and ham instead of something and cheese. The bread has not just wheat, but soy flour AND soybean oil. The meats do NOT have corn syrup in them (surprising) but are loaded with preservatives. He gets a side apple and splits my chips (which are cooked in a safe oil, but can't remember which one). He gets orange juice, but nobody can tell me if it has corn syrup in it. I'm hoping that their dedication to healthiER foods means "no". I'm more so hoping that it's not listed because it's JUST orange juice.

He goes from lunch to swim class (this is why we eat out on Thursdays--we leave early from home and I forget to pack lunch and we only have about an hour before his next class... no time to drive all the way home for lunch if I forget). He does okay for the first 15 minutes and I watch as he gets slightly aggressive in his play with the other two kids. He's being playful, but it's not nice and could be dangerous. Coach Rob sits him out for a bit.

Needless to say, the need to go on lockdown for food is crystal clear now. He's not listening to me or anyone else. He's getting back to being in a bubble and it's really bad. I think the lack of "inside voice" at class this morning could be a combination of what I already think is a hearing problem, and the foods causing sensory issues.

Tonight, we had Wild Caught salmon baked with garlic, gluten free breadcrumbs and olive oil, plus 365 brand frozen crinkle cut fries and canned organic green beans. Then we went to the movies where we allowed Matthew to try about 15 pieces of popcorn (with butter flavoring--so I won't know if it's the corn or the flavoring that sets him off). We agreed that truly, we don't know if his issue is corn or corn syrup--so why not try it. He only has speech therapy tomorrow so we can be shut-ins if need be.

We also had some Matthew-safe pieces of chocolate and organic white seedless grapes that I snuck in. Oh--and bottled water, of course.

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