Sunday, October 16, 2011

Raw and fermented... take 1

So, we decided to alter the amount of raw food in our diet such that we are ingesting more raw and less cooked. So far, so good! It's been weird, but not bad. We had raw beets and red cabbage (hubby's idea) with some cooked beef one night and I thought it was going to completely suck--but it was really good! He sliced the beets really thin and shredded the red cabbage. It was pretty good! And I remembered to keep in mind that dressings and condiments were good additions, too. I added raw cacao powder to boy-child's vanilla flavored coconut milk yogurt. He complained it wasn't sweet enough, but a tiny bit of raw honey fixed that! So it's going good! I just have to think REALLY differently.

I did buy 3 raw "cookbooks" (yes, a friend pointed out the irony!) but haven't completely gotten through them yet. Still looking. One thing I found is that they are furthering the case for a dehydrator! :) That being said, they have recipes for stuff I seriously never thought of. Including a mock sour cream (made from nuts--no dairy!).

As for fermenting, I have one word: KOMBUCHA!!! It's fermented tea. In fact, I had a citrus flavored one that tasted a little like wine--it was wonderful. So hubby and small child can have their kefir... I'll take the kombucha. Not sure what camp boy will land in.

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