Wednesday, September 2, 2009


In the interest of getting back on track with our food, I went food shopping tonight. Specifically for "snacks". Since we eat snacks 2-4 times/day, they're a major portion of our diet. Here is the very LONG list of what constitutes a snack in our house (organic whenever possible):

peeled baby carrots
grape tomatoes
tomato wedges
canned green beans

potato chips
cereal bars
Envirokids rice bars
rice crackers
Fruitabu dried/smooshed fruit (rolls or flats)

ANY fruit... sometimes I freeze small fruits (grapes or berries) for a spin on things. We also buy freeze-dried fruit for a change once in a while


yogurt (So Delicious has coconut milk-based yogurt)
cookies from an allergenic mix
home made Jello (Knox gelatin and fruit juice--recipe on the Knox packaging)

Those are the majority of our snacks. :D

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