Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thursday, September 3, 2009

early breakfast: cereal bar

breakfast: eggs with ketchup

snack: I think we skipped it

lunch: sushi from the grocery store. Matthew eats California Rolls (he prefers them with the orange eggs on the outside) but today he also tried one very tiny roll with some raw salmon inside and he liked it. :)

snack: organic grape tomatoes

dinner... will be at Mike's grandmother's. The inlaws make GF pasta for him and everything else is in the "fresh foods only" category with the possible exception of fried chicken breasts (when they use regular breadcrumbs). But pasta, salad (lettuce, oil and vinegar with salt), some kind of meat and a few veggies. They only use olive oil and nothing is prepackaged--so it's almost always safe.


Danielle said...

I was told there is gluten in the imitation crab that is in the california rolls...did he react at all to that? WE are going to go gluten free as soon as my grain mill arrives and I get some grains I can start baking with. It seems there is gluten in most things! ARgh! Looks like you guys don't focus too much on the gluten, but I do appreciate your input!

Anonymous said...

Oy... I am SO SORRY. I can't believe I never saw this comment.

Matthew only reacts to gluten when it's built up to a certain threshold. You're right: it's pretty much everywhere. Often, if you can't even have trace amounts of gluten, you pretty much have to give up on packaged food. But then, same goes for corn and soy. :(