Wednesday, September 2, 2009


We're not a "dessert every night" family. For one, to me: dessert=sweets. For another, allergenically this is a costly thing. And since too much sweets really isn't a good thing... it works. But here's what we do for desserts:

Much like snacks, ANY fruit=dessert. This is when I freeze the little fruits to make them extra special (berries, grapes, etc.)

Smoothies (coconut milk based is my personal favorite, but hazelnut milk or rice milk with extra honey work well, too). Toss in your milk substitute, ice and "stuff" (fruit, honey, chocolate syrup, peanut butter... combine to your heart's content!)

ice cream (often with Ah!laska chocolate syrup)

yogurt--specifically chocolate flavored (since it's the closest we can get to pudding)

cookies from an allergenic mix

ice pops (Edy's Natural has some safe ones, Sweet Nothings Non-Dairy Fudge bars and Cool Fruits freezer pops)

brownies from an allergenic mix

I think that's the majority of what makes up dessert at our house.

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