Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday, August 1, 2009

early breakfast... Matthew ate a banana and a cereal bar

breakfast @ Perkin's: Matthew had 2 eggs (we tell them not to add milk and scramble them on a dry grill) plus burnt bacon and OJ (this location's OJ is safe). We bring our own ketchup.

snack: organic canned green beans

lunch (on the road): Burger King burger with pickle and tomato (no ketchup and he doesn't eat the bun) plus apple fries and the box apple juice (which is safe)

snack: organic pear

dinner: leftover meatloaf, Alexia baked potato wedges (OO & sea salt), and... (thinking)... could we have POSSIBLY had GREEN beans? I guess we must've. :O

dessert: Sweet Nothings Fudge bars (wonderfully allergen-free)

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