Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday, August 10, 2009

supplements: On Friday, Mike and I started taking 1 tsp. of Maca Root powder each morning. I also started taking a B-Complex vitamin (which contains 100mg of B6) plus another 50mg of B6 midday. And I started Mike on 2200IU of D3/day. Trying to balance my endocrine system and get some PMS/PMDD issues under control. I'll be starting some calcium/magnesium next Friday and then I will also add the D3. Vitamin D deficiency is actually widespread and responsible for a multitude of issues. I've been looking into it for about a month. So that's the new regimen. As it is, we take Vitamin C and fish oil, plus I take an insulin-regulating supplement that replaced Metformin and has been working better. Although now I need to have my insulin levels run again because regulating the insulin was the "cure" for my PMS/PMDD and now it's back. But that's the scoop.

Matthew takes 1 tsp. of Nordic Naturals Omega 3-6-9 Complete daily (not the kid version) and 500mg Vitamin C (we'll be doubling it come Sept.); then intermittently takes a probiotic and multivitamin. Starting in September, he'll take 1 tsp Sambucol/day to ward off flu (Black Elderberry Original Immune Support Formula by Sambucol You can Google for the research about this--it's great). Actually, this year we'll all be taking it.

breakfast: eggs with Wellshire Farms chicken-apple GF sausage (we cut it up into chunks and mix it in with the eggs)

snack: rice crackers

lunch: tuna in potato pods

snack: So Delicious coconut milk-based yogurt, and a College Farm Organic Naturepops (lollipops)

dinner: hamburgers on Nature's Promise organic hamburger buns (so, it has gluten, but no corn or soy), with organic corn on the cob (still testing the corn thing) and salad with a tomato from Nonni's garden and lettuce from our organic CSA.

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