Thursday, November 18, 2010

Have I mentioned?

That I quit Jenny Craig? I did. I was feeling so horrible. I was losing weight slowly, but man, did it take a toll on me. For one, it SO clogged my system from all the dairy. For another, I was just getting sick over and over. I was fighting it off with my remedies, but I don't think I've been so chronically fighting something off. In reality, that could be being in a new place around people getting FluMist (our neighbors)... whatever. I couldn't handle the ingredients.

It was a learning experience, none-the-less. I did learn that my portions were way too big. It was reinforced that we should be eating way more veggies as a portion of our plate than anything else.

So, I'm off of Jenny Craig. I have managed to lose another pound in the week since I've been off of it by just eating MUCH smaller portions--like so small that my 6yo son actually eats more (and admittedly, he can challenge my husband). But I'm eating "real" food now. ;)

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