Friday, November 26, 2010

Ah... leftovers

I have to give props to my friend, Paulo, who pointed me to this awesome way of using all the leftovers! If I had regular mashed potatoes, I might actually do it since I'm going to cart my leftovers to my neighbors house tonight and that might be a great way to get the kids to eat them! :D

But dinner went really well yesterday. It was, by far, the most relaxed holiday meal we have ever hosted. Everything was done a touch early and the kitchen was cleaned in waves, as needed. Our guest has a 12yo adopted son (he's been with her since he was a baby) who is a profoundly picky eater. She told me she'd feed him before they came, but when they arrived, he hadn't eaten--he was going to try our food. We were all pretty surprised! INCREDIBLY gentle and polite child, but a seriously picky eater. I felt HORRIBLE that he picked at the turkey on his plate and asked for ketchup--and we didn't have ANY! UGH! And his mom was equally, visibly heart-broken that she didn't think of it, either. To be honest, we usually DO have it in the house. *sigh* They brought a small container of milk for him to drink and she drank our lemonade. It worked out well!

I have seriously no clue if the turkey turned out okay. Because I'm "sample sizing" as a means of portion control for the holidays, I couldn't fit turkey. :/ And I made this recipe for mashed sweet potatoes with coconut milk. It was yummy. The stuffing turned out way better than I thought it would. We wound up using regular bread vs. GF (although it was Breadsmith--so the ONLY allergen was gluten, which we are not completely free of at all times). I had gotten the GF bread cubed and dried only to find that it wasn't supposed to be dried! GAH!!! I couldn't find a recipe using dried bread that took less than an hour--so I had to cave and use gluten bread. :( And it desperately needed salt. I also threw all the spices into the cooking veggies instead of waiting... and I used more than they asked for because I had rosemary, thyme and oregano in the house.

This morning, I ate the three remaining crostinis with balsamic roasted pears and gorgonzola for breakfast. Mike and the kids ate eggs (worthy of note that Mike ate the rest of the crostinis plus half of a brie en croute last night after the kids and I went to bed >:( ). I figure the cheese was protein for me.

Also worthy of note that the Whole Foods stuff used canola oil. When Mike placed the order, he said they read all the ingredients to him and he "cleared" them, but couldn't remember specifics. Mike is pretty spot-on with knowing what's a problem, so I wasn't worried about it--but I WAS curious what kind of oil it was. :)

OH! And my pumpkin pies didn't cook well because stupid me didn't read that it said to use LIGHT coconut milk and I used the regular/really thick stuff. Oy... Mike dug into it last night, though, and said that the center was just very creamy. I haven't looked at it yet, but I'm anticipating a flood in the spot left by his piece because when I stuck a butter knife in the center, it was way more liquidy than pudding-y. Live and learn. But he said it was absolutely delicious. Good to know.

I'm going to wait until tomorrow to make broth with the carcass. I had no idea how critical bone broths were to good health, but I'm learning (and ordering bones from the butchers). More to come on that topic. :)

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