Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Brining... who knew?

Okay... so I VERY last minute asked myself what the heck brining is. Fast forward and as I type, this Alton Brown brining recipe (using ground allspice instead of allspice berries) is cooling on my front porch (which is cold and concrete--so it can't be destroyed by a hot pot). I'll make the rest of it replacing the apple in the turkey with a pear.

I am currently cooking my turkey/chicken Italian flavored sausage with white navy beans, swiss chard and garlic in EVOO while the rice pasta cooks. That's tonight's dinner.

I haven't made the pumpkin pie yet. Nor the Yellowberry sauce. I'm going to make them tonight and just stay up late. I'm also going to bake my sweet potatoes (they take FOREVER) and do whatever other stuff I can do tonight.

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