Sunday, September 26, 2010

Relocation stinks in terms of food

Oy... so, we've been here since late July and I still don't know where to find a good co-op for produce. I'm not thrilled with the 1/8 of a grassfed cow we got (WAY too much ground beef) and the CSA we joined is absolutely NOT giving us enough food to carry us for a week. Although, I think that was the same back in NJ.

The thing is: here, I don't even know who to ask or where to turn with any of this. So I'm just bummed. :(

And I've been so upset trying to get into a routine and find my footing here that I haven't even been shopping well--so we're spending a LOT of money (on top of eating out more than usual).

The good news is that I am back to taking my insulin-regulating meds and I've found a chiropractor by multiple referrals who is spitting distance from where we're living. I'm going back. I just can't get over what a difference it made. I knew it was good stuff but never thought it was THAT good. My face cleared up, my back didn't hurt, and my hormones and insulin were in check. Man!!!

Okay... so that's where I'm at...

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