Sunday, September 26, 2010

The perfect storm...

Okay, so here's the thing... well, a few things:

1) For the last 7-ish years I have had a WICKED aversion to cooking. It's been so bad that I truly considered seeking help for it. No clue why, but I hate, hate, HATE preparing food in any way, shape or form. I am eternally grateful that I have a husband that not only picks up the slack, but A) doesn't complain about it; and B) works from home--so he often takes care of lunch, too.

2) We are ALL woefully out of compliance with any semblance of nutrition as we should know it. Food, supplements, budget--NOTHING is the way it should be.

3) We are all also woefully unhealthy. I'm overweight (I checked a day or two ago and I'm 189lbs. For my height, I should be no more than 140lbs.) as is Mike; Matthew has some kind of yeast issue (evident from the little red marks all over his bottom) in addition to ADHD, and the baby doesn't sleep and is still waking for a bottle at night at 22mo.

To be fair, this is just the dietary portion of our lives that I'm sharing with you on this blog. But in reality, this is just one facet of a family that is just completely out of sorts on many levels. We're renting a house and therefore not investing the money to fix it up the way it would make it organized and "peaceful" to live in--causing more mental discord. We're focusing on buying a house. We're not really in the best mental state to begin with having spent the last nearly 2 years going through three deaths (my grandmother who was pretty much my mom, my aunt that was the only person in my entire family I was strongly connected to, and a baby girl in the second trimester), an out of state court case for a former foster child (and living with the limbo of how many children we'd have), and a cross-country relocation (which put us in limbo about where we would live, whether we could sell the house, the timing of leaving the state if we needed to stay for the former foster child's case, etc.). Plus the traveling for the case and the relocation... with and without children. All of which forced me to hurry up and finish my Master's degree. Oh yeah, so add that to it.

It's been hell to say the least. Can you say "emotionally and physically unavailable parents"? Can you say "lots of tension and fighting"?

Needless to say, it was hard for us to maintain any semblance of health: nutritional, emotional, mental, or environmental.

We have a lot of work to do. Because we're in a rental and can't work on environment, I'm opting to start with nutrition. I'm going to tackle this blog a whole new way. I'm going to post my plan for the next day and then post the "actual" afterward and see how it goes. I'm tackling it like the project manager in me that simply won't die: research, plan, execute, evaluate, close-out (which often means handing something over to Operations to maintain).

Join me!!!

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