Sunday, June 7, 2009

Coop delivery

We got a delivery yesterday. From now on, we only have a Saturday group--which means food every 2 weeks. It's not enough for us so I'm investigating the CSA we used to belong to. It was cheaper than most because you had to go get your food every week and they weren't certified organic. It was a student-run organic farm for a local agriculture program. It's a little cheaper than the others, but more family-like. :)

So today we got a veggie and a fruit share:

This picture is entirely the veggie share minus some of the fruit. We got:

2 large eggplants (one was in the "take some--extra" box and I live here so I get first dibs :) )
about 8 large carrots
1 head of celery (nice sized!)
4 ears of corn
5 medium yellow squash
1 head of green leaf lettuce (all the way to the left-top of the photo)
1 bunch of VERY large, beautiful radishes (that I generally don't eat)
2 bunches of spinach
1 pint of blueberries
1 large bunch of cilantro (this with the carrots might make a nice summer soup)
2 heads of baby lettuce (you can see one to the right of the celery and eggplants)
2 relatively large tomatoes

Also in the veggie share but in the photo below were:

8 pink lady apples
1 large bunch of bananas
4 white peaches

The rest of the photo above is from the fruit share:

4 lb. bag of Valencia oranges (so about 7 really big ones)
1 pineapple
bag of red Bartlett pears (about 8 of them--medium/large sized)
1 honeydew melon (small/medium sized)

The veggie share costs my members $49 and the fruit shares cost them $17.

To be honest, cost aside--you can't generally find this broad a range and variety of organic produce where I live. And currently, the cost is as good or better than non-organic produce. :)

Right now, we also have on board some potato chips, hummus, lots of eggs from the ladies, some rice crackers and some rice pasta. I think we also have maybe 2 boxes of bread mix for the bread machine. There's about 2 cans of tuna left, plenty of homemade grape jelly and maybe 1-2 jars of peanut butter (not positive).

We're seriously out of meat. There are some leftover potatoes, carrots (in green bags), a few apples and oranges, 4 kiwis--in addition to what we just got. And onions. Plenty of onions.

I think that's the bulk of what we have on hand.

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