Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Morning: cereal bar with water, followed by Taylor ham and eggs

Snack: so help me God, I don't recall. Oh wait--potato chips and Apple & Eve White Grape Raspberry juice box (we were on the run to the Dr.)

Lunch: Nature's Promise Honey Oat bread (gluten=yes, corn syrup & soy=no) with homemade grape jelly (mommy ate Bonne Maman strawberry) and Skippy Natural peanut butter.

Snack: fresh organic pear slices

Dinner: Matthew is having Tinkyada rice pasta (fusilli) with nothing on it. He no longer even likes oil and garlic salt. Mike and I are having fried pork chops and fresh, steamed organic broccoli that Matthew will be forced to eat as well.

Dessert is likely to be smoothies made with organic bananas, coconut milk and some of the organic pineapple that needs to get used. We didn't have them last night. We'll see how late it is.

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