Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Breakfast 1: Matthew had watermelon and banana

Breakfast 2: Matthew had a Nature's Choice cereal bar

Lunch: Matthew's was eggs and hard salami from the deli on a bagel stick. Our last hurrah before the New Year and lockdown on food AND finances for that matter. Mike and I ate nothing worthy of note because it was crap.

Snack: another banana because I didn't know Mike gave him one this morning.

Dinner: from Outback Steakhouse (the mother of allergenic eating out): Joey Sirloin made with no seasonings or butter and broccoli with no butter. Mike and I had Prime Rib (we split one) with broccoli (no butter), mashed potatoes (likely had milk in them) and coconut shrimp (who knows that THAT had in it)

We always drink water.

OH! Matthew took HIMSELF to the toilet to poop today! Usually, this is something that only results with force or much arguing.

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