Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday CSA pickup - 7/31/2011

True to form, it's tiny. I will never spend this kind of money on this farm again. They better kick it into HIGH gear at some point during this season to make up for the lack this early on.

So, the box contains a bag of 10 small to medium sized carrots, 3 relatively decent sized leeks, a tiny zucchini, a medium sized yellow squash, 2 medium sized bulbs of garlic, 8-9 small onions, a small container of mixed salad greens (maybe enough for the 3 of us to have salad, plus a fourth or fifth) and a tiny (read: barely enough for 3 of us to have salad) head of lettuce.

Now, this particular CSA has a pickup at Whole Foods; and their box contains (every week) a locally produced packaged product. The value of the product ranges, but is probably averaging $6/week. Frankly, I'd rather have produce. I'm not sure if the product is funded by my CSA share cost or if it's a promotion from Whole Foods. Either way, it's usually very useless to me. I tend to think it's Whole Foods contribution because once or twice they have remembered that my household is dairy free and given me something non-dairy in exchange (usually also a locally produced item) which is NICE, but I'm still not even feeding my family for more than 1-1/2 to 2 days on this box... at best.

The big goals for this week are to use the cooked beets and turnips; and make up kohlrabi and squash empanadas. Stay tuned.

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