Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday CSA pickup - 7/29/2011

First, let me just say that we never saw the 9 acre property. It was under contract when our agent called to make the appointment. :(

Anyway... we belong to two CSA farms this year and neither of them is the one we belonged to last year. Last year's CSA didn't have spots in the pickup point closest to where we live. Last year, we joined before we moved to IL and picked a pickup point closest to where we were SUPPOSED to live... and that fell apart. :/ I seriously could not drive 30 mins one way to pick up veggies again.

So we joined two. First of all, one share isn't enough for us. But if I buy a share from each of two CSAs, I get to try two CSAs out during one season. So far, one is by far outpacing the other. And that would be the cheaper one. >:(

We have one pickup on Friday night and one on Sunday morning. Tonight's pickup included about 4 VERY large beets with greens, two small (like tiny) zucchini, a small head of cabbage, 6 medium sized carrots, a nice sized bunch of chard, a bunch of scallions, two mildly hot peppers, a big cucumber, a bunch of basil, 9 very small (but not cherry-small) tomatoes, one relatively large slicing tomato, a small bag of new potatoes, and so help me I can't remember what else.

In the fridge, I have the nearly 9 prior beets that were roasted, peeled and cut up. I should've frozen them, but we'll eat them tomorrow. Same for the Hakurei turnips (they were boiled and cut up. I also have a bunch of snap peas that I'm not sure are still any good and a ton of kohlrabi that I need to find something to do with. I'm all over these kohlrabi & squash empanadas and freezing the extras for a quick, microwavable lunch option since I have a package of gluten-free pie crust mix in the cabinet. :D I tossed the no-less-than-6 bulbs of fennel since they were getting soft, although I DID find an awesome site with lots of do-able fennel recipes. I also have two very small jalapenos left. Hmmm... maybe some 10-pepper chutney is in order?

I'm also STILL sitting on at least 6 lbs. of organic cherries that were bought on sale that need to be pitted and frozen. :( As for Sunday's CSA pickup: I'm not really worried about it. That's been really light. Like "Seriously? I'm paying close to $800 for the season and you have YET to fill a box???" light. >:( But then, this CSA pickup seemed a little light this week, too. We were supposed to be able to go out and pick our own green beans but the deluge of rain (countless flash flood warnings this week) made the fields too wet. :(

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