Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I can't even begin to tell you what the last week has been like. Seriously. In short: I tried to synch Google Calendar to my Blackberry and in the process deleted the gmail account which deleted this blog.

I have, over the last few years, come to love some of the WordPress features; but I am now true blue to Blogger for saving my butt with this blog. Seriously.

News, news, news... as I start getting my life back on track post-relocation (although pre-move-to-a-house-we-own), I have decided to make a career out of helping people deal with their health. I've already been doing this word-of-mouth for a long time and I feel so fulfilled by it. I decided to fill in the gaps of my personal research over the years by enrolling at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition's Health Coach program. I start in July.

To that end, I will be keeping up this blog regularly again and I may even start a separate blog for specific issues. I'm excited! I'm also working on two e-books I hope to have published by mid-July and a "real" book next year. :)

I'm also losing quite a bit of weight. All I did was cut my portion sizes significantly. No exercise. No change in diet. Just portion control. I'm down to 172 this morning and wearing a size 12. Now that I've lost so much, I'm actually feeling motivated to move my arse. I even went out and bought a bicycle (an $80 piece of junk from WalMart that is going back :( Who knew?). It is HOT here in IL (and another "who knew?" to that) but I'll figure something out.

So... I'm back!!! :D


Lisa said...

Heather, the food coaching idea is so perfect for you! :) Also, way to GO on the weight loss! I am in morning for my old body and feel like I will never get it's been YEARS now, with pregnancy, baby, nursing, pregnancy, baby...nursing again... Sigh.

Lisa said...

*mourning. :)