Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Last night's dinner... and CSA stuff

Last night I scored a heck of a deal. The local Whole Foods had rotisserie chicken for $5.99 and there was a coupon taped to it for a free, 2lb. side salad. Really? Hmmm... So I look at the ingredients for the chicken (which is antibiotic-free, btw). No oil. I confirm that they don't use oil on the chicken. Hmmmmm... so, side salad. I hate cole slaw and macaroni wouldn't be gluten-free, but potato salad? I check... canola oil. REALLY?!?!? SCORE!!!

So I brought it home and threw in some frozen organic cut green beans and voila... dinner plus leftovers. It doesn't get better than that!

The first pickup for one of our CSAs is on Sunday. I'm writing a book on how to "do" a CSA because really, it's a skill. I didn't think of it this way until participating in on online thread about it and someone actually said this. It was like "Yeah--you know what? It is a skill." It's not something you just KNOW how to deal with. Some people pick up the skill better than others, but yeah--totally a skill.

I'm going to write a post on it to help. :) But I'm looking forward to the first collection of veggies of the season. There are likely to be tons of lettuce and kale.

We're also going out to look at a nearly 9 acre property for ourselves. It's kind of "out there" (which is the only way we could possibly afford it) but so far, it looks like a good one.

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