Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Okay, well I DID plan my menu for the week but it went down the tubes because we had a family trauma which had us order chinese food and then eat it for leftovers which pushed out our meal plan a bit...

BUT... we ARE definitely going totally gluten-free now. Matthew's moodiness is beyond control and I'm sure part of it has been the chaos of the year; but we've also allowed more gluten to slip into our diet. So we want it COMPLETELY out for 3 months and then we'll start Feingold.


Okay... today

early breakfast: we've settled on a routine of having a banana because we can bring it upstairs and have it ready for Matthew upon waking. So we could actually let him eat the banana and play quietly in his room while we finish our beauty sleep. :D

breakfast: naturally cured and salted bacon from another coop (a new one with meat and dairy products including raw milk products) and then scrambled eggs cooked in the leftover bacon grease. Note: we are no longer getting eggs from the ladies... we're buying them. :( But we do buy ones that are not given steroids or antibiotics.

snacks: Satsuma tangerines. They're TINY. I think Matthew had 3 and I had 1. They're now all gone.

lunch: Matthew had PB&J on GF bread. I skipped.

snacks: organic grape tomatoes, an organic navel orange and a piece of organic celery... all from the produce coop.

dinner: chicken breast cooked in EVOO and Olde Cape Cod brand White Balsamic & Honey salad dressing that you could barely taste on the chicken. Also, organic broccoli (steamed) and mashed sweet potatoes (organic--baked yesterday and mashed today). DE. LISH.

snack: organic pear wedges

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